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Our Software Application:

Biometric Time and Attendance :

RaviRaj Technologies is a world leader in the development and production of biometric time attendance data collection systems and attendance tracking solutions for workforce management, biometric time and attendance, access control , fingerprint time attendance and job costing applications. The Time and attendance software TimeTRONIX Desk is Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system provide wide range of time attendance solutions. It helps them to generate different types of time reports such as time attendance reports that are daily time reports as well as monthly reports, employee tracking, shift wise, company wise, department wise time recording also help in eliminating payroll processing, time cards, buddy punching, unauthorized overtime, payroll calculation. You can also get more information about this time and attendance time tronix software through free evolution SDK also on our time & attendance website we have TIME ATTENDANCE Software FAQ, Fingerprint time attendance FAQ. Fingerprint Time Attendance news, Time attendance software News, Time attendance training material download, time and attendance solutions.

RaviRaj Technologies portfolio provides complete time and attendance systems and time software solutions for any size and type of organization. The wide range of time attendance solutions offered implement advanced biometric fingerprint technologies and wireless communication. Our Biometric time and attendance systems and time & attendance software is designed for effective Time and Attendance management, as well as floor production control, job costing, labor tracking, time keeping, employee tracking, employee scheduling, and Access Control applications. Our terminals have many access input options including: biometric fingerprint verification, keypad entry, magnetic card, barcode card, proximity card, and contactless smart card. 

Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management software keeps track on the visitor who are coming in the organization. With the emerging requirement from customer,  has recently developed visitor management software through which visitors can be easily trace out. The software is mainly designed from the need to track the visitors so that administrator can check through the report at what time visitor comes within the organization and upto what time he is within the premises..

Classroom Attendance System

Attendance Systems are becoming more and more popular these days. Reason being the ease of use and efficient management of human resources. Most importantly, it enables you to get rid of the unnecessary paperwork which always has been a very complicated and a time consuming process.

Various types of attendance systems are available today in the market. We at RaviRaj Technologies have developed our own attendance management system which can be used by schools to automate their attendance process. Our classroom attendance system is very easy and convenient to use.

Design Development :

The RaviRaj Technologies aims to promote the awareness and development of biometric related technologies. It provides an international forum for research and development, system design and integration, application development, market development and other issues. Extensive experience identifying, designing and developing new products; definitely works in the trenches Extensive experience walking through a manufacturing facility.

Integration & Implementation:

RaviRaj Technologies provides services such as development and implementation of interoperable hardware and software systems, implementation of biometrics and, providing cryptographic functions and ongoing support services. RaviRaj Technologies is responsible for consulting and design services on all aspects of biometric technology in the project, including system design, integration of biometrics with various card functions, product evaluation and testing, solution design and engineering, and pilot and project management.

Managed Services:

RaviRaj Technologies, a leading security technology provider, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. Our solutions form the core of biometric user authentication systems for computer network resources, eCommerce platforms, and physical access solutions.

RaviRaj Technologies Managed Service is a dependable and affordable way to get the security expertise you need, without tremendous financial commitment of full-time managed security solutions. Our Managed Services provide around the clock, managed online and onsite service - allowing you to concentrate on your core business strategies.