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Our products and services are available through regional Distributors throughout the world.s.



Our Biometric technology offerings are ranked among the highest performing biometric identification systems offered anywhere in the world. We have sold software tools, related hardware peripherals and custom software development in more than 60 countries since it's incorporation. Our customer base includes small niche software development houses, large commercial enterprises and government agencies including military, border control and law enforcement. The tools provided by RaviRaj Technologies to its partners and customers have been successfully used in the development of solutions such as:

RaviRaj Technologies Services provides a broad spectrum of information security and biometric services. Whether you need an end-to-end enterprise-wide biometric security solution, assistance with a project or application-specific solution, help engineering a particular biometric solution, or individual consulting services, we provide the experience and expertise to address your security requirements. We also provide cost-effective biometric security solutions that protect business and personal information through the use of


We have a history of success. Our professionals have developed successful security and biometric solutions for numerous customers in a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, broadcast content, aviation, and government.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous implementation methodology and extensive knowledge of all aspects of security, cryptography, and relevant products. We are committed to supporting your business and product vision through a holistic partnership that will engage you early in your security and biometric initiative.

RaviRaj Technologies provide all or part of your biometrics system. As well as a variety of standard biometric hardware and software products and also consulting services related to the design, development and integration of automated biometric systems.


RaviRaj Technologies consultancy division is committed to support your business and product vision through a partnership that will engage you early in your security initiative. We help you objectively balance the four pillars of trust through the development of a biometric security and policy strategy, the design and implementation of your solution, and the management of that solution.

We achieve success by making you successful. Our knowledge of end-to-end trust models quantifies and alleviates risks, and protects your revenue. We consider our projects a success only when we have fulfilled our client ’s vision You can count on RaviRaj Technologies Consulting Division to develop a successful biometric security implementation that meets your needs today and into the future.

Design Development :

The RaviRaj Technologies aims to promote the awareness and development of biometric related technologies. It provides an international forum for research and development, system design and integration, application development, market development and other issues. Extensive experience identifying, designing and developing new products; definitely works in the trenches Extensive experience walking through a manufacturing facility.

Integration & Implementation:

RaviRaj Technologies provides services such as development and implementation of interoperable hardware and software systems, implementation of biometrics and, providing cryptographic functions and ongoing support services. RaviRaj Technologies is responsible for consulting and design services on all aspects of biometric technology in the project, including system design, integration of biometrics with various card functions, product evaluation and testing, solution design and engineering, and pilot and project management.

Managed Services:

RaviRaj Technologies, a leading security technology provider, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. Our solutions form the core of biometric user authentication systems for computer network resources, eCommerce platforms, and physical access solutions.

RaviRaj Technologies Managed Service is a dependable and affordable way to get the security expertise you need, without tremendous financial commitment of full-time managed security solutions. Our Managed Services provide around the clock, managed online and onsite service - allowing you to concentrate on your core business strategies.